Bridgewater Sinfonia, Berkhamsted

Young Friends

Bridgewater Sinfonia is committed to engaging with young people to continue the love of music for future generations. As well as offering free admission to under-18s to all our concerts, we run specific programmes for children and young people to expose them to the great orchestral works and to give them an experience of live music-making.

Young Friends

The Young Friends of Bridgewater Sinfonia  play an important part in our concerts, selling programmes, conducting audience appreciation surveys and helping with fundraising and other activities. They are our ambassadors, showing that classical music appeals to all ages and promoting the arts in Berkhamsted.

They also have sessions learning about the works the orchestra is performing, talking to soloists, sitting among the players inside the orchestra and having a player’s-eye view of the conductor, and getting a feel of what it is to really understand some of today’s world of music.

Open Orchestra

Our Open Orchestra initiative is aimed at parents with smaller children.

On concert days, the orchestra rehearses on the Saturday afternoon, and we invite parents of very young children to bring their little ones into St Peter’s church, perhaps for a minute or two, perhaps for longer, to let them hear what is going on and enjoy a special musical treat. It’s an enjoyable experience if you’re wondering what to do on a Saturday afternoon with the little ones.

There’s no need to book, nothing formal, just walk in, have a listen, and walk out when you’ve had enough. Have a seat, wander around of let them dance in the aisle if that is what they would like to do! There will be someone to talk to about what is going on if they want to ask about it.

Follow our Open Orchestra Facebook page to get reminders about open rehearsals.

Find out more

If you’d like to arranage a visit for children or teenagers, or to find out more about the Sinfonia’s work with young people, please get in touch with Dorothy Watt.