Young Friends of Bridgewater Sinfonia

rehearsalThe group of Young Friends of Bridgewater Sinfonia was formed some years ago as a way to encourage the younger members of our local population to take an interest in and enjoy classical music on their doorstep. 

They have had sessions learning in detail about some of the works the orchestra is performing, talking to soloists, sitting among the players inside the orchestra and having a player’s-eye view of the conductor, and getting a feel of what it is to really understand some of today’s world of music.

Open Rehearsals for Children

We are now starting another initiative. The orchestra rehearses on the Saturday afternoon before the evening concert, and these rehearsals have always been regarded as “open” to the public. 

We are encouraging parents of very young children – pre-school age – to take an afternoon walk and bring their little ones into the church, perhaps for a minute or two, perhaps for longer, to let them hear what is going on and enjoy a special musical treat on a Saturday afternoon. 

No need to book, nothing formal, just a chance to see how they react and to let them dance in the aisle if that is what they would like to do.

Walk in, walk out, and there will be someone to talk to about what is going on if they want to ask about it – both for children and for their parents.

Find out more

If you'd like to arranage a visit for children or teenagers, or to find out more about the Sinfonia's work with young people, please get in touch with Dorothy Watt.